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Christie Aschwanden Pits Evidence against ‘Truthiness’

Christie Aschwanden shows that when it comes to selling evidence-based health care reforms, hammering people with the facts won’t change entrenched beliefs—in fact, it may only strengthen them. For evidence-based reforms to succeed, Aschwanden writes, they must put in place a narrative that patients, doctors, and health policy makers can accept and even embrace. [Convincing […]

David Grimm Covers Nuclear Fallout, Horse Brains, Mummified Remains, and Wine—All in One Story

Science’s Online News Editor David Grimm profiles research using radioactive isotopes from atomic bomb fallout to pursue an astounding variety of scientific questions. His story for Science, which was included in The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2009, reveals how sticking with an elusive story can bring a big payoff. [The Mushroom Cloud’s Silver […]

David Dobbs Examines a Provocative New Theory of How Genes Shape Behavior

In a story selected for The Best American Science & Nature Writing 2010, freelance science journalist David Dobbs explores the “orchid hypothesis”: the tantalizing idea that certain variants of some behavioral genes can either increase children’s risk for psychiatric and behavioral problems or enable them to flourish spectacularly. Moving from ornery toddlers to a troop […]

Roberta Kwok Tracks an Asteroid as It Hurtles toward Earth

In an award-winning story, Roberta Kwok recounted the story of an asteroid from the time it was spotted until the meteorites hit the Earth. This event represents the first time that astronomers were able to track such a trajectory in real time. Kwok’s remarkably detailed narrative won the American Geophysical Union’s Walter Sullivan Award for […]

Dan Ferber Relates One Couple’s Struggle against the Farm Next Door

Concentrated fumes from a neighboring farm made Eric and Lisa Stickdorn so ill they had to leave their home and take up residence in a church basement. In a story that won the 2009-10 award for best environmental coverage from the Indiana chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, Dan Ferber tells the Stickdorns’ story, […]

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