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Hillary Rosner Makes Readers Care about Saving an Unassuming Endangered Fish

Freelancer Hillary Rosner traveled to a Colorado River reservoir to meet scientists bent on rescuing an unassuming fish, the razorback sucker. The resulting story, which won the 2010 AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Award in the Small Newspaper category, raised tough questions about the rationale for saving endangered species. [One Tough Sucker appeared in High Country […]

Carl Zimmer Ponders Unseen Ecosystems Teeming Within Us

If ever you feel alone in the universe, perhaps you can take comfort in the knowledge that in fact, you are never without the company of the thousands of microbial species residing in your body’s every crevice. Collectively, they operate like an invisible organ, and they are essential to our health. As Carl Zimmer masterfully […]

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