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Ask TON: Planning Reporting

Welcome back for another installment of Ask TON. (Click here to see previous installments.) Today’s question: I feel like I waste a lot of time when I’m reporting for feature articles—feeling hazy about what I’m aiming to learn, asking the wrong questions, having to go back and ask a lot of follow-up questions—not just a couple, but […]

Cramming for the Slam

Few tasks bring more stress and anxiety to freelancers than pitching a story, except coming face-to-face with an editor at a meeting and pitching a story on the spot—in front of an audience. With ScienceWriters 2012 and the pitch slam in just a few days, we decided to help freelancers prepare by offering up some […]

Like Being There: How Science Writers Use Sensory Detail

“­At this time of year, with new growth laying a haze of green over the wet fields, the farm country around this small town smells faintly but distinctly of manure. It’s a rich, warm aroma, appropriate to the place that bills itself on road signs as “Canada’s foremost cattle county.” But follow the dip in […]

Ask TON: How to Fact-Check

Welcome back for another installment of Ask TON. (Click here to see previous installments.) Today’s question: What is the appropriate way to go about fact-checking your own stories? Is there a specific method that a person should use? If so, what is it, exactly? Also, when in the process is the right time to do this—before turning in […]

(Free) Tickets to Quammen/Dobbs Event in Raleigh

UPDATE: The (free) tickets for this event are gone—though we’ll have a few at the door. But thanks to the  generosity of the Burroughs Wellcome Fund, we’ll be video-recording the event and posting the full video here. Sincerest thanks to BWF’s Russ Campbell for helping us arrange this! *** As we mentioned last week, we’ll be […]

Natural Habitat: Erik Vance

In our Natural Habitat series, we invite science writers to share their working spaces—offices, spare bedrooms, coffee shops, hammocks—and the accoutrements that help them do their best work. (If you’d like to nominate your office to be featured at Natural Habitat, let us know.) Today we drop in on Erik Vance, an award-winning freelance writer who […]

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