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David Quammen on Turning Research Into Story, Part II

Last week, we published the transcript of a discussion between David Dobbs and David Quammen that we sponsored at last year’s National Association of Science Writers meeting. Today, we present Part II of the conversation between the two Davids. Most of this interview took place by phone in early December. Dobbs: Where do you write? […]

Video: David Quammen Interview

On Tuesday, we posted an edited transcript of an interview that TON contributor and advisory board member David Dobbs conducted with author David Quammen. This conversation took place before a live audience at a TON event at the National Association of Science Writers meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina last October. Below is a video of the conversation in […]

David Quammen on Turning Research Into Story, Part I

David Quammen has been one of the world’s leading science writers for over a quarter century, with eight acclaimed nonfiction books, including the iconic The Song of the Dodo, as well as four novels. His new book, Spillover: Animal Infections and the Next Human Pandemic, gave us the excuse to interview him for TON—twice. Below […]

Are You an Editor or a Writer? Part II: The Editors

Writers and editors work together all the time, but the two clans are somewhat mysterious to one another. Mutually suspicious, even. How do you know which career path you should specialize in? And how do editors become editors, anyway? Ann Finkbeiner and Laura Helmuth asked several journalists to describe the differences between writers and editors.  […]

Are You a Writer or an Editor? Part I: The Writers

Are you an editor or a writer? How do you know? What are the crucial differences between the two specializations? The question arose when Slate science and health editor Laura Helmuth was visiting a class that Ann Finkbeiner teaches at the graduate program in science writing at Johns Hopkins University. Ann, hoping to help her […]

Happy New Year and Some News

As we welcome 2013, we have some exciting changes in the works at TON. We’re pleased to announce that Christie Aschwanden has joined TON as managing editor. Christie will be commissioning and scheduling stories and making sure that our publication schedule stays on track. Please send your suggestions, questions for Ask TON, and story pitches […]

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