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George Johnson Chases Lightning

Some people fret over the chances that lightning might strike the same place twice. After three summers trailing lightning-chaser Tim Samaras on a unique photographic quest, science writer George Johnson would perhaps have been content with it happening just once. On assignment for National Geographic, Johnson patiently waited and watched as Samaras tried to capture a […]

Ed Yong Profiles a Scientific Dynasty

Science is practiced by people, and people never work in isolation. Scientists train their students, who grow up to be scientists in their own right and train students to follow in their own footsteps. Along the way, scientific dynasties emerge, working together to establish new ways of thinking and applying their ideas to new problems. […]

Maryn McKenna Reports the Dark Side of Agriculture

Science journalist Maryn McKenna has covered the infectious diseases beat for more than a decade. During that time, she’s written countless articles and two award-winning books on the subject. Through her reporting, she developed an interest in how large-scale farming operations spread antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Last year, McKenna produced a package of stories on women who had […]

Single Best: Deborah Blum

Today at The Open Notebook, we introduce a new recurring feature, called Single Best. We asked top science writers to give us their best advice in one minute or less. We are asking top science writers and editors to give us their single best piece of advice—given or taken, their single best idea, reporting trip […]

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