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Pictures and Prose: When Photographers and Writers Work Together

Modern journalism was built on teams of photographers and writers heading off together to report stories back to the reader in pictures and prose. We asked a roundtable of writers, editors and photographers to discuss the value of teaming up and how they make it work. Participants were: Dominic Bracco, a freelance photographer and a […]

Ask TON: Finding International Stories

Welcome back for another installment of Ask TON. (Click here to see previous installments.) Today’s question: I’d like to do more international travel as part of my work. I don’t really know how to begin finding stories in foreign countries, either in advance of travel or while I’m there. What are the best ways to […]

Ask TON: From Idea to Story

  Welcome back for another installment of Ask TON. (Click here to see previous installments.) Today’s question: What questions do you ask yourself about a story that you’re considering pursuing? How do you decide whether it’s a good idea?

Douglas Fox Recounts an Antarctic Adventure

In 2007, freelance science journalist Douglas Fox traveled to Antarctica with a team of glaciologists studying rivers and lakes buried under thousands of feet of ice. He and the researchers spent four weeks tent-camping on the ice. They spent up to 10 hours a day on snowmobiles, installing monitoring equipment at key sites on the […]

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