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Holly Tucker animates a centuries-old science story

In her new book Blood Work: A Tale of Medicine and Murder in the Scientific Revolution, historian Holly Tucker weaves a tale of the first blood transfusion experiments (at the time, such transfusions were all animal-to-human) during the mid-17th century, about 150 years before blood transfusion began to enter modern medicine in earnest. Tucker delves into […]


Maryn McKenna describes life as “Scary-Disease Girl”

For nearly all her career, journalist and author Maryn McKenna has written about public health, from Midwest droughts to bird flu to Gulf War Syndrome. While covering the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, McKenna got the nickname “Scary-Disease Girl,” a moniker that befits the infectious disease beat she has […]


Tina Saey couldn’t sleep, and she wanted to know why

For a special issue of Science News, staff writer Tina Saey explored research on why we sleep — and what happens when we can’t. Here, Saey, who wrote the package along with staff writers Laura Sanders and Susan Milius, relates how she wrestled dozens of interviews and hundreds of scientific papers on wide-ranging questions into […]


Christie Aschwanden pits evidence against ‘truthiness’

Christie Aschwanden shows that when it comes to selling evidence-based health care reforms, hammering people with the facts won’t change entrenched beliefs—in fact, it may only strengthen them. For evidence-based reforms to succeed, Aschwanden writes, they must put in place a narrative that patients, doctors, and health policy makers can accept and even embrace. [Convincing […]

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