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Gabriel Spitzer Explores the Chicago Science Scene

Clever Apes, a science series that airs on the Chicago public radio station WBEZ, won the 2011 AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Award in the Radio category. Gabriel Spitzer, host and founder of the show, created the WBEZ science beat, and works with producer Michael De Bonis on the bimonthly segment. In this TON podcast, Spitzer […]

Adam Rogers Shadows a Fungus Detective

For the residents of Lakeshore, Ontario, the black fungus caking their homes was a problem, and they blamed the local distillery. For James Scott, the Sherlock Holmes of fungi, the identity of the unsightly mold was a mystery waiting to be solved. And for Adam Rogers, senior editor at Wired, Scott’s quest was a story that […]

Steve Silberman Finds the Placebo Effect Is … Pretty Sweet

In medicine, the phrase “the placebo effect” is often prefaced by the word “just”—as though the word “placebo” were a synonym for a psychological trick or a fraud, nothing more than an annoying complication for companies running drug trials. But as longtime Wired contributor Steve Silberman discovered while writing about the increasing placebo effect in […]

Hillary Rosner Makes Readers Care about Saving an Unassuming Endangered Fish

Freelancer Hillary Rosner traveled to a Colorado River reservoir to meet scientists bent on rescuing an unassuming fish, the razorback sucker. The resulting story, which won the 2010 AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Award in the Small Newspaper category, raised tough questions about the rationale for saving endangered species. [One Tough Sucker appeared in High Country […]

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