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Serendipity Story: Hillary Rosner

Sometimes serendipity comes from happening to know someone else with excellent story judgement. In the case of this New York Times story, I take no credit for the idea. It came as an email from an ecologist I’d recently written about. The note began, “I’m sure you get story ideas emailed to you on a daily […]

Words with Friends: The Story Behind the Scilance Book

In 2005 Kendall Powell founded SciLance, an online community of 35 science writers, as a way to keep in touch with the colleagues she had met at conferences. The initial invitation to the group described it as “A network to discuss, ask advice, gripe, gossip, or otherwise virtually socialize about the business, ethics, logistics, struggles and […]

Ask TON: Finding International Stories

Welcome back for another installment of Ask TON. (Click here to see previous installments.) Today’s question: I’d like to do more international travel as part of my work. I don’t really know how to begin finding stories in foreign countries, either in advance of travel or while I’m there. What are the best ways to […]

Ask TON: Dumb Questions

Welcome back for another installment of Ask TON. (Click here to see previous installments.) Today’s question: I’ve heard people say it’s important not to be afraid to ask “dumb” questions. What is your favorite “dumb” interview question when interviewing scientists? What has gotten you the most useful results?

Hillary Rosner Makes Readers Care about Saving an Unassuming Endangered Fish

Freelancer Hillary Rosner traveled to a Colorado River reservoir to meet scientists bent on rescuing an unassuming fish, the razorback sucker. The resulting story, which won the 2010 AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Award in the Small Newspaper category, raised tough questions about the rationale for saving endangered species. [One Tough Sucker appeared in High Country […]

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