(Free) Tickets to Quammen/Dobbs Event in Raleigh

UPDATE: The (free) tickets for this event are gone—though we’ll have a few at the door. But thanks to the  generosity of the Burroughs Wellcome Fund, we’ll be video-recording the event and posting the full video here. Sincerest thanks to BWF’s Russ Campbell for helping us arrange this!


As we mentioned last week, we’ll be hosting a live event in Raleigh at 5:15 on Saturday, October 27, during a break in the ScienceWriters programming. David Dobbs will interview David Quammen about his new book, Spillover. See here and here for more details.

This event is FREE, but we’re distributing advance tickets via Eventbrite, starting now. Reserve your seat here. (A small number of tickets will be available at the door.) Thanks, and see you in Raleigh!

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