“Drinking Water Safety”

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The Story

“Drinking Water Safety”
by Jill U. Adams
CQ Researcher, July 15, 2016

The Pitch

[Adams notes: This may seem a super short pitch for a super long assignment (12,000 words). I’d written for this outlet before and knew that they’re very topic-driven. A very detailed outline comes later (for which I am paid).]

I heard a news item about Flint and then the teflon toxin (PFOA) in Hoosick Falls, NY (near me). But I couldn’t remember if we’d talked about tap water as potential topic.

Tap water — lead, pollutants (PFOA), toxins from algal blooms, and newer unregulated exposures to personal care products and pharmaceuticals. Health, safety, public policy, EPA standards versus municipal budgets — it’s a rich topic for a CQ Researcher.

Perhaps you’ve assigned it already?

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