“Opinion: Taking the Pulse of Horizon Europe”

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The Story

“Opinion: Taking the Pulse of Horizon Europe”
by Marc Baiget Francesch
The Scientist, February 17, 2020

The Pitch

Horizon 2020 was the most ambitious research and innovation program in the EU, which planned to provide ca. 80M € to small and medium tech companies in order to help high-risk innovation projects to break through the market and attract private investors. Horizon 2020 provided both grants (up to 2.5M €) and equity funding (up to 15M €) as well as mentoring and coaching for projects operating in its framework. Now that the last year of this program – originally launched in 2014 – is in front of us, we would like to analyze its successor, Horizon Europe, which is planned to cover the following 7 years period with a bigger investment and with lessons learned from its predecessor.

As a Freelance Grant Writer and Project Manager for Alien Technology Transfer, I think I can use my knowledge of the program and contacts to write a compelling article about how Horizon Europe is going to be, and what the major changes in regards to Horizon 2020 are going to be.

As per my writing experience, I have written for the PDA Letter, the European Pharmaceutical Review and the Drug Target Review magazines. If anything else is needed, do not hesitate in replying to this e-mail.

Best regards,

Marc Baiget Francesch

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