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Rey Katz

Location: Massachusetts, United States

Pronouns: They/Them

Skills and Experience

Areas of Interest: Biology; Physics; Social Sciences/Behavior; Technology

Types of Work: Essay or Opinion Writing; Feature Writing; Sensitivity Reading; Substantive or Developmental Editing; Video Production

Mediums: Short video; Text (digital and/or print)

Types of Employer or Client: Alumni publications; For-profit companies; Independent media/journalism outlets; Nonprofit or advocacy organizations

Keywords: gender studies; lgbtq; nature; neurodivergence; quantum physics

Languages: English

Years of Experience: 2-5

Personal Identity

Race/Ethnicity: White

Gender: Nonbinary

Self-Identification: LGBTQIA+, Transgender, Neurodivergent

Contact Information

Email: rey@reykatz.com

Social media DM

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  • twitter.com/reywrites
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