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Sergio Lenoyr Lugo

Location: Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico

Pronouns: He/Him

Skills and Experience

Areas of Interest: Astronomy/Space/Planetary Science; Climate/Environment; Education; Generalist/No Specialty; Technology

Types of Work: Essay or Opinion Writing; News Writing; Press Releases or Media Relations; Substantive or Developmental Editing; Video Production

Mediums: Text (digital and/or print)

Types of Employer or Client: Independent media/journalism outlets; News sections of scientific journals

Languages: English

Years of Experience: 2-5

Personal Identity

Race/Ethnicity: Hispanic or Latinx (a/e/o)

Gender: Man

Contact Information

Email: neomanutzi@gmail.com

Phone: 7715698099

Signal: +527715698099

WhatsApp: +527715698099

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