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Taking Good Notes: Tricks and Tools

Whether you rely on a digital recorder or a laptop or a ragtag collection of mismatched notebooks, you need to take good notes. That doesn’t just mean that your handwriting needs to be legible—though that matters too. It means that your notes capture the essence of what you have observed, from the words your sources […]

Happy Birthday to Us! And … Introducing “Ask TON”

TON is One! A year ago today, The Open Notebook published our first stories, launching an ongoing series of “story behind the story” interviews with some of the science journalists whose work we admire. Our idea then, as now, was that despite the changing marketplace for science journalism, craftsmanship still matters. With that in mind, […]

David Grimm Covers Nuclear Fallout, Horse Brains, Mummified Remains, and Wine—All in One Story

Science’s Online News Editor David Grimm profiles research using radioactive isotopes from atomic bomb fallout to pursue an astounding variety of scientific questions. His story for Science, which was included in The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2009, reveals how sticking with an elusive story can bring a big payoff. [The Mushroom Cloud’s Silver […]

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