Corrections Policy

It is The Open Notebook‘s policy to always make corrections and updates promptly and transparently. Specifically, this means the following:

  • We show on the page that a correction or update has occurred, and when it occurred. Normally we do this by placing an asterisk at the point of correction/update and a dated note at the bottom of the story explaining what happened.
  • We label these notes “Correction” when something in the original text was wrong at the time it was printed, and “Update” if subsequent information comes to light that makes it necessary to update or clarify information.
    • Exceptions: We don’t note corrections for extremely trivial changes such as misspellings (other than misspellings of people’s names) or other minor typographical errors. We also do not update past stories to reflect updates such as individuals’ job changes, name changes, geographical moves, etc.
  • We are glad to make changes to names, pronouns, and/or photos to reflect gender transitions. We only make such changes if the person affected requests or approves such a change. We do not ordinarily label or in any other way call attention to such changes related to gender transitions.


Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments, or requests regarding our corrections policy, or if you would like to suggest or request a correction/update on a story at The Open Notebook, please email editor-in-chief Siri Carpenter:

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