Gabriel Spitzer Explores the Chicago Science Scene

Gabriel Spitzer
Gabriel Spitzer Courtesy of Gabriel Spitzer

Clever Apes, a science series that airs on the Chicago public radio station WBEZ, won the 2011 AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Award in the Radio category. Gabriel Spitzer, host and founder of the show, created the WBEZ science beat, and works with producer Michael De Bonis on the bimonthly segment.

In this TON podcast, Spitzer tells Cynthia Graber how he got the series off the ground, how he delves into the Chicago science scene, and how he goes behind the scenes to make the people and stories come alive on the radio. (This interview has been edited for length and clarity.)

 Lab Coats poseCourtesy of Gabriel Spitzer


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WBEZ has received funding from the following foundations:

Joyce Foundation

National Science Foundation

Field Foundation

Elizabeth Morse Charitable Foundation


Cynthia Graber
Cynthia Graber Courtesy of Cynthia Graber

Cynthia Graber is an award-winning radio and print reporter whose work has appeared on Scientific American’s podcast and on the public radio shows The World, Living on Earth, the World Vision Report, and Latino USA; and in print publications including the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, Scientific American, and She lives in Somerville, Massachusetts. Follow Cynthia on Twitter @cagraber.

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