Introducing the Newest TON/Burroughs Wellcome Fund Fellow

Christina Selby
Christina Selby Courtesy of Christina Selby

We are thrilled to introduce the latest recipient of our fellowship for early-career science journalists, made possible by a generous grant from the Burroughs Wellcome Fund. (And while we’re at it, we’ll add that we’re also delighted and profoundly grateful that BWF has substantially increased the scale of its support for this popular fellowship program.)

This fall, we received almost 50 applications for one fellowship—a record. The applicant pool was incredibly strong, and narrowing the choice down to just one candidate was grueling. In a large field of outstanding people, Christina Selby, who is making a transition into science writing as a second career, stood out. She impressed us with her ambition, her independent efforts to build her science journalism skills and knowledge, and her ideas for TON stories. TON readers will get to know Christina and her work in the coming months, but for now, here’s a little bit about her:


Christina Selby is a freelance writer and aspiring photographer based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She loves to write about conservation science, biodiversity, and the intersection of humans and nature. Her work has appeared in Lowestoft Chronicle, Green Money Journal, Mother Earth Living, and Earthwatch Unlocked. You can find her online at The Unfolding Earth, a blog about global biodiversity hotspots; at her website; and on Twitter @christinaselby.

Jill U. Adams
Jill U. Adams MarkBennington

We’re thrilled to welcome Christina to The Open Notebook. We’re also delighted to welcome veteran science journalist Jill U. Adams to the TON/BWF fellowship circle, as Christina’s mentor and editor. Jill writes a health column for The Washington Post and reports on health care, biomedical research, and environmental issues for magazines such as Audubon, Scientific American, and Science. She’s a contributor to The Science Writers’ Handbook. Jill lives in upstate New York, posts her recent articles at, and tweets as @juadams.

We look forward to great things ahead!

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