“A Year After Her Arrest, Indian Climate Activist Disha Ravi Is Still Not Free”

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The Story

“A Year After Her Arrest, Indian Climate Activist Disha Ravi Is Still Not Free”
by Amber X Chen
Atmos, February 16, 2022

The Pitch

Hi Ms. Funes!

My name is Amber Chen. My writing has been in the Los Angeles Times, and I currently write for The Eco Justice Project, a climate justice educational platform with nearly 50,000 followers, where I have profiled activists Ayisha Siddiqa, Sharona Shnayder, and more.

I’m reaching out to you because I recently interviewed Indian climate justice activist Disha Ravi, and feel that the contents of our conversation would make a very compelling profile piece for Atmos to be published in February — the one year anniversary of her arrest, in connection to the Greta Thunberg “toolkit” case regarding the Indian farmer protests. In it, Disha and I discussed her journey into climate activism, the religious and caste tensions that fuel India’s troubling political climate, how dangerous it is to be an activist in India, the media aftermath of her arrest, her ongoing bail conditions, India’s performance at COP26, and also her love for Taylor Swift.

To clarify, it was made clear to Disha that the contents of our conversation would be used for a profile piece.

I’m happy to share a draft of the article, if you’d like more context.

Thank you for hearing my pitch!

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