“Blind Eel and Nearly Transparent Fish Discovered in 2021”

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The Story

“Blind Eel and Nearly Transparent Fish Discovered in 2021”
by Veronika Perková
Scientific American, March 25, 2022

The Pitch

Hi Sarah,

Yesterday I learned about a news story that I think would be relevant to Scientific American. 

Shoal, a British nonprofit organization working to conserve freshwater species, is releasing a major report at the start of February, detailing freshwater fish species that were discovered in 2021. The New Species 2021 report will include each of the 211 species described last year that are hidden under the surface of the planet’s rivers, lakes and wetlands. Why is this important now? Fish are the most threatened taxon in the world but because they are not as charismatic animals like pandas or orangutans, they get very little attention and almost no funding. A third of freshwater species are threatened with extinction due to pollution, aquatic habitat loss, invasive species, overharvesting and water flow changes. Unless urgent action is taken, we may lose these species – and the knowledge they could teach us – forever.  



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