“Thriving Population of Endangered Monkeys Gives Hope to Conservationists”

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The Story

“Thriving Population of Endangered Monkeys Gives Hope to Conservationists”
by Veronika Perková
Mongabay, March 23, 2021

The Pitch

Hi Morgan,

I’m Veronika Perková, an environmental journalist, and I’d love to pitch a story I believe is relevant to Mongabay’s audience.

Thriving population of Delacour’s Langurs brings hope to conservationists 

While in most places, ecosystems and wild species are increasingly threatened, in Van Long Nature Reserve, a landscape of karst limestone mountains in north-eastern Vietnam, it’s actually improving. The Reserve is home to the only viable population of Delacour’s Langur, a critically endangered primate species.

Since 2000, thanks to efforts by the local community and Tilo Nadler (founder of the Endangered Primates Rescue Center), the population has quadrupled, not to mention The Reserve achieved a spot on the prestigious IUCN Green List. Plus Nadler, now 80, is working to extend the reserve and fighting for the protection of langurs threatened by cement quarrying outside it.

The Reserve Success story shows that even critically endangered species can thrive when certain measures are met (effective conservation, community benefits), but its immediate relevance lies in bringing awareness to still-threatened langurs. The article has a news peg, featuring current extension efforts. 

The article will be based on my interview with Tilo Nadler and backed up by The Vietnamese Journal of Primatology and the IUCN Green List resources. I can provide high-res photos of Delacour’s Langurs and Van Long Nature Reserve.

Previous publications include National Geographic, Czechia, Czech independent magazine Respekt and environmental magazines Sedmá generace and Ekolist. My report Circular Czechia 2 can be found on the European Union website.


Veronika Perková

Journalist & Copywriter

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