“Wolf Decline Threatens Iconic Island Study”

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The Story

“Wolf Decline Threatens Iconic Island Study”
by Emma Marris
Nature, April 17, 2015

The pitch

Dear All,

Last year, we reported that what is probably the longest running ecological study, the 50-year wolf-moose study on Isle Royale in Lake Superior, faced an uncertain future because the wolf population was small and inbred. The PIs on the study wanted to supplement the population to improve the gene pool but the Parks Service wasn’t sure it wanted to intervene.

I talked to one PI yesterday and he told me that next week they will announce that there are only two wolves left on the island. At this point, the population, and the study, is doomed if no new wolves are added.

Since I have advance notice, I can prepare a news story that we can push live the moment the press release comes out.

Here are the stories from last year: [Links to two earlier stories included in pitch]

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