Ready … Set … Peep!

Helen Fields


Welcome, ladies and gentlepeeps, to The World’s Finest (and Only … As Far as We Know) Science-Themed Peeps Diorama Contest!

It’s time for science communication to meet sugary confection, for innovators in medicine to be immortalized in gelatin, for the thrill of discovery to be depicted all marshmallowy—it’s time to make a science diorama out of Peeps.

This spring, The Open Notebook and the makers of HamilpeepMoby PeepSweaters for Peepguins, and Mary Anning: Paleontolopeep (that’s Joanna Church, Helen Fields, and Kate Ramsayer) will present a science-themed Peeps diorama contest—so it’s time to get peeping. (Did you miss our original announcement? Wondering what the Peep a Peep diorama could possibly be? Want to see some examples? Learn more here!)


Contest Rules

The rules are simple: Make a free-standing diorama that features Peeps and depicts a science-related tableau. It could be a depiction of anything—from a famous “Eureka”’ moment, to a well-known scientist, to field work or life in the lab, to creative uses of Peeps to explain scientific processes. All sciences, from physics and astronomy to social sciences and engineering, are welcome!

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Materials: Be creative—use whatever materials suit your topic! But you do have to actually incorporate Peeps (the more the merrier). And remember, safety first: no combustible or radioactive materials outside of the lab.

Rules of Conduct: New submissions only—although Peeps last forever, we want fresh creations from this crafting season. (It’s OK to submit to multiple contests, but will others have homemade trophies? Probably not.)

Please avoid libel. The Open Notebook reserves the right to take down submissions that we deem legally perilous or otherwise inappropriate.


How to Enter

When: Submissions accepted between February 15 (when the spring Peeps are born) and March 10.

What: Provide the title of your project, the names of everyone on the team (single-submitter entries are fine!), and a description (max 150 words) of your creation. In addition, submit one overall photo of the diorama and up to two detail photos.

Where: Clicking the button below will take you to our contest-entry page.



Projects will be judged by an impartial panel of experts who are as talented as they are wise. The judges will use their discretion, but projects likely to make it to the top will be creative, sciencey, and use Peeps in a variety of ways.

Note: Peep and science puns are strongly encouraged.



There will be prizes in several categories, including Best in Show, Peeple’s Choice, and others to be determined. Prizes will be spectacular and of little to no monetary value. Bragging rights, however, are forever. (Did you see that Lin-Manuel Miranda retweeted Hamilpeep?!?)

Winners will be featured at The Open Notebook in mid-April and will win the Internet.





Helen Fields


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