The World’s Finest Science-Themed Peeps Diorama Contest

The rare Peeps of North America, as painted by John James Audubun. (Get it?!?) The intrepid peepstronauts who become tragically spaghettified when they explored too close to a black hole. And a presidential sneeze that causes mayhem during a White House Peep Conference. These are just a few of the peeptastic delights that await devotees of this year’s installment of The World’s Finest Science-Themed Peeps Diorama Contest, AKA #PeepYour Science.

Here, science communication meets sugary confection; innovators in medicine are immortalized in gelatin; the thrill of discovery is depicted all marshmallowy. Brought to you by The Open Notebook and friends (that’s Joanna Church, Helen Fields, and Kate Ramsayer) we present the second annual science-themed Peeps diorama contest. In the two galleries below, you’ll find dozens of entries in which kids and adults have expressed their sciencey passions in diorama form, through the time-honored medium of Peeps.