The World’s Finest Science-Themed Peeps Diorama Contest

Scientist Peeps


Here is where science communication meets sugary confection; innovators in medicine are immortalized in gelatin; the thrill of discovery is depicted all marshmallowy. Brought to you by The Open Notebook and friends (that’s Joanna Church, Helen Fields, and Kate Ramsayer) we present The World’s Finest Science-Themed Peeps Diorama Contest, AKA #PeepYourScience!

This year’s contest has now ended. The submissions were, as always, spectacular! #PeepYourScience 2021 brought us the Perseverance (er, Peepseverance) rover on Mars, peeps on the Moon, peeps on glaciers, and peeps in the deep blue sea. Even peeps that live in giraffes’ armpits. We got a peep into Dr. Anthony Fauci’s zoom meeting, where he exhorts the peeple to follow the science, for peeps sake! We toured a Peeprona-19 vaccination site. We saw dioramas depicting one of the first computer programmers; the first open-heart surgery; and (surely?) the first Peep murder investigation. We learned about the invention of television and the invention of toilet paper. We got a behind-the-scenes look at the science that inspired Jurassic Park. We were treated to early-20th-century plant breeding and early-21st-century genetics. And there was so much more.

See all the #PeepYourScience 2021 winners here. To see all this year’s entries, visit our #PeepYourScience 2021 galleries: main gallery | classroom gallery.


Mark your calendars for #PeepYourScience 2022!

We’ll announce the opening of the contest here in mid-February 2022.  Watch this space!




What the Peep Is a Peeps Diorama?

Museum of Natural PeepstoryAnna Rothschild, Shaena Montanari, Sarah Kaplan, Maryam Zaringhalam, Kate Furby

Peeps dioramas are an art form as old as time, more or less, but have been missing one thing: a focus on science. Until the dawn of the #PeepYourScience contest.

In 2019, The Open Notebook‘s first annual World’s Finest Science-Themed Peeps Diorama Contest yielded marshmallowy tableaux of sweet discoveries, peepstaking field work, sticky scientific mysteries, history of science, s’more history of science…. The entries left no Peep pun unturned. You can see our past winners here: 20192020 | 2021.