Natural Habitat: Christie Aschwanden

In our Natural Habitat series, we invite science writers to share their working spaces—offices, spare bedrooms, coffee shops, hammocks—and the accoutrements that help them do their best work. (If you’d like to nominate your office to be featured at Natural Habitat, let us know.)

Today, we visit Christie Aschwanden, an award-winning freelance writer and editor who has written for The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, O: the Oprah Magazine, Slate, SmithsonianRunner’s World, and many other publications, and who blogs at The Last Word on Nothing. A former professional skier, Christie spends her spare time running, cycling, gardening, stomping grapes and chasing chickens on her small farm in western Colorado.


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  2. just like hemingway in cuba, except you have a different view than he did. love the chalkboards, christie.

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  4. Love this post! Christie, where did you get your sit-stand desk? I’ve decided to spring for one this year, and I definitely want a motorized model. (And maybe a chalkboard too.) Your mysterious Post-It note cracked me up. I have several of those on my desk right now. I try to write down my “best” story ideas in a special Moleskine-esque notebook so that I don’t lose them in the jumble of paper in my office or in the bowels of my computer (and because I find myself strangely attracted to handsome little books that come with marker ribbons and elastic bands). I’m on my fourth notebook now, and there’s no way I’m ever going to write all those stories. But it’s comforting to have an endless supply of ideas in my back pocket.

  5. Wow, when you guys say “Natural Habitat,” you really mean “Natural”! What a spectacular part of the world you live in, Christie. I love that you get un-stuck in your writing by hula hooping. And your standing desk is great — it reminded me to lug out my own standing desk and get back on my feet. Thanks for the tour.

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