Can You Lend a Hand to The Open Notebook?

Dear Friends,

2018 has been The Open Notebook’s strongest year yet. So far this year:

Looking ahead to 2019, we have a lot more in store. We’re planning Spanish translations of some of our past stories. We’re also developing a platform to make it easier for instructors to use our archive of 350+ stories in developing their syllabi, and for individuals to use TON as a self-directed curriculum. And we hope to devote more attention to investigative science reporting, visual storytelling craft, and editing. We also want to provide more resources for journalists and editors who don’t consider science their main beat.

To make all this happen, we depend on donations from readers. About 10,000 people visit The Open Notebook every month. If just a fraction of those people each donated $50 or $100 to TON during our end-of-year campaign, we would exceed our fundraising goal.

Thanks to a pool of generous matching donors, from now through December 31, gifts to The Open Notebook will be doubled (up to a total of $5,000).

If TON is a meaningful resource for you, please consider making a tax-deductible donation or—even better—a recurring contribution.




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