“Pride Guide for Autists”

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The Story

“Pride Guide for Autists”
by Maya Capasso
TransLash, June 1, 2022

The Pitch

Hey Gabrielle,

Thanks so much for sharing TransLash‘s call for pitches for Pride month.

With Pride month comes tons of excitement for queer people: businesses are selling pride flags all over the place, the internet is talking about all things queer, and the LGBTQIA+ community celebrates Pride Parades across the world.

In person Pride events are a fantastic place for queer people to meet new friends, hang out with likeminded people, and simply be themselves. And today, Pride is huge! Over four million people attended World Pride in New York City in 2019. I was there too, and while it was so exciting to see such widespread celebration of the queer community, it was also extremely overwhelming.

I’m autistic, so I face many sensory and communication challenges that others don’t deal with. Because of that, attending Pride is a lot more stressful for me, and I need a whole host of accommodations to make sure it’s safe and fun for me.

Over the years of attending Pride throughout cities on the East Coast of the U.S., I’ve developed a list of things I do/bring with me to prepare for Pride. I’d love to share my tips with other autistic enbies, or anyone who gets overwhelmed by sensory stimulation and crowds.

Feel free to check out my writing portfolio here: https://mayacapswrites.com/?page_id=56

Thanks so much for this opportunity!


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